Easy, Homemade Rice Cereal – one batch for two weeks, baby!


Homemade rice cereal is easy to make, will save you money, and it’s rather scrumptious if you ask me. After testing several methods, I came up with a recipe to make a large batch. If you’re a busy mom and your Punkinoodle is eating rice cereal daily, you’re going to love this…  with just 2 cups of rice and spending just 15 minutes in the kitchen you can whip up enough rice cereal for weeks! When it’s time to eat, it’s just as easy as grabbing a cube, microwaving or thawing it, and it’s ready to be mixed it with whatever baby food you like or eaten plain. Instant creamy goodness!

So let’s recap. If you like to save time and money, and like the idea of feeding your baby something homemade and organic, then I think you and this recipe are meant for each other.

You will need:

– About 15 minutes every two weeks
– A big bag of short grain brown rice — The same 12 lb bag is also avaliable at Costco for a great deal.
– A food processor (Magic Bullet, other, or a blender that can process food)
Ice cube trays — I picked some up at a thrift store, sturdy, affordable and retro. Love ’em!
Freezer bags
– A big pot and a whisk (I love this one!)

So, let’s get straight to the point. Below is the recipe straight up and below that are photos of each step. If you want to make a smaller batch of this recipe, to see if your baby approves, check out this post at Live Extraordinary. Estelle has great instructions and the perfect ratio for a batch that will last for a couple meals. Be aware that your child will need to get used to the texture. It’s much thicker than store bought rice cereal, so you may want to add water to thin it out, or as I prefer, add some baby food.


*Prep/cook time- 15 minutes
*Makes 28 small servings (I thaw one cube and mix with about a 1/2 jar of baby food per meal)

– 2 Cups Short Grain Organic Brown Rice
– 6 Cups COLD water

Directions: Grind rice into a fine powder using a food processor. Dump into a large pot, and gradually whisk in 6 cups of cold water. Cook on medium/high-ish for about 10 minutes, whisking often to prevent lumps from forming. Add more water if needed. The cereal is done when it thickens and the particles of rice are very soft or undetectable. Store in the fridge for 2-3 days, or in the freezer. Freeze in two large ice cube trays for 3 or more hours. Then transfer to a freezer bag (by running hot water over the underside to loosen).

In a not-so-blind and fully supervised test, the Punkanoodle picked homemade rice cereal.

In a not-so-blind and fully supervised test, my Punkinoodle picked homemade rice cereal. (Oh, I’m so flattered! I’d like to thank my friends, my family… *choking up)

Grinding rice into homemade rice cereal. Click to see the set I use for baby food.

In 1/2 cup increments, grind 2 cups of rice in a food processor (I use my magic bullet) until it’s a churning powder. I blended each 1/2 cup for 30 seconds to a minute to make sure it was very fine.

coarse rice cereal

If your rice looks like this after processing– keep going! Unless your baby is older and likes a little more texture.

fine-ground organic rice for homemade rice cereal

Your rice cereal should look like this when it’s done — very fine indeed!

Mix 6 cups of COLD water into the pot while whisking to prevent lumps from forming.

Mix 6 cups of COLD water into the pot while whisking to prevent lumps from forming.

This little guy is by best friend. For coil whisks click here.

Cook for about 15 minutes until thick. Shown above is my favorite kitchen tool. This little guy keeps almost anything from sticking while not scratching your pan– a coil whisk.

Freezing the rice cereal for later. Click for ice cube trays that will give you similar portions.

Fill ice cube trays to the right serving sizes for your little Punkanoodle. You should have enough for two trays, or more.

Click to see the bags I use.

Viola! Tasty, organic, homemade rice cereal for weeks. Just plop one into a bowl and microwave for 30-45 seconds. Or bring one with you on the road and let it thaw.


I'm a Pinterest addict, proud homemaker, poor excuse for a trophy wife and an independent PR/marketing professional. Married to my best friend, I am truly blessed beyond what I can comprehend.

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4 comments on “Easy, Homemade Rice Cereal – one batch for two weeks, baby!
  1. Michelle K. says:

    Do you cook the rice any before blending/processing it? Or is it only after once you add the water then it gets cooked? THANKS, excited to try this!

  2. nanichanchan says:

    Hi katie. I just came across your blog in 2014. Hope it’s not too late to ask:
    -do you wash/soak/dry/roast the rice before blending it?
    TIA! 🙂

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