When I was little I made the mistake of calling my Dad by his first name to get his attention. Instead I got a lecture on respect. He told me to never to call him by his name. “It’s rude.” he said, “you should always call me dad.” To which I responded: “Dad, you call me monkeyface…”

Monkeyface is just one of the many nicknames us kids received. We were called Sugarmoopus, Bungyboo, and Punkanoodle. I was dubbed the Punk Rocker from birth (because my hair stuck straight up for two years). My older sister was The Sweet Baboo, my younger sister was SherBear, and our little brother was Guy… my dad saved his creativity for the only boy 😉

In 2012 I became a mom. Now I finally understand why parents give nicknames. Because when something is so cute/perfect/adorable that you want to squeeze it to death (I call these “mean feelings”), it’s much more healthy to call it something cute. A verbal squeeze, if you will.

This blog is about my quest to make my little punkanoodle’s childhood as blessed and happy as my own. And with you, I want to share the knowledge I gain through trial and error. I hope this blog is useful to you– inspiring you, making life easier, or just giving you something to laugh at when I make a Pinterest Fail.

About Me (the Punk Rocker)

Me - Katie
I love to share extraordinary ideas. I’m a mom-in-training, Pinterest addict, proud homemaker, poor excuse for a trophy wife and an independent PR/marketing professional. Married to my best friend, and mother of a baby that gives us both “mean feelings” every day, I am truly blessed beyond what I comprehend.

One comment on “About
  1. Sheri says:

    I like Bungyboo. It reminds me of a marsh. I, too, must confess to having “mean feelings”- when you just want to squeeze a little fat bubbie! That sounds so violent, which is why it’s a mean feeling, but really it’s because you don’t have a better way to express how extreme your love is.

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